5 Minute Vegan “Yogurt”

Vegan yogurt in a jar with a spoon.

What’s creamy, silky smooth, protein-packed, and certifiably sent from snack heaven?

THIS VEGAN YOGURT, you guys. Remember it from What I Ate Wednesday? We got so many comments and questions about this one!

Here are my answers to everything:

  • Basically five minutes.
  • Basically three ingredients (cashews, frozen fruit, and tofu don’t hate me)
  • Naturally sweetened with honey and fruit.
Vegan yogurt ingredients in a blender.

Vegan yogurt in a blender.


Okay, before someone gets mad, I get that this isn’t YOGURT yogurt. Totally understand. And totally respect people who make real yogurt – like the kind where you become a full-blown scientist growing cultures and looking through microscopes in order to get yourself a batch of creamy yogurt goodness. Shout out to you people. You are who I want to be when I grow up (I’m 32, I’ve got time).

But at the present moment, I am going to be brutally honest with you.

I don’t really care to get all sciencey with real homemade yogurt.

My yogurt-making MO is more like… eh, let’s blend some stuff up and make it super nutritious and creamy and taste like a decadent dessert and maybe throw in a probiotic capsule, maybe? That’s “yogurt” enough for me.

Vegan yogurt in a jar with spoon.

And even though I’m not vegan, I do find that sometimes it’s nice to just go easy on the dairy for a bit.

Which is convenient because you know what? this yogurt is HERE FOR IT. It sees your craving for a borderline ice-creamy snack and it raises you one that kicks dairy to the curb AND ALSO tastes like dreams coming true.

Vegan yogurt in a jar with spoon.

This could have really been a 15-Minute Meal Prep recipe, now that I think of it. I bought these cute jars and we kept a batch of this in the fridge all week and ate it with coconut oil granola and banana bread muffins for breakfast / snack / dessert on repeat.

Vegan yogurt in a jar with spoon.

I got the idea for this recipe from The Perfect Blend cookbook (which is a beautiful and SUPER healthy book, BTW – I am not nearly this healthy but I use this cookbook all the time)! Her recipe is a bit different but the concept of a blended vegan yogurt is similar!

Check out our video for how to make Vegan “Yogurt”:

Vegan yogurt in a jar with spoon.

5 Minute Vegan “Yogurt”

  • Author: Lindsay
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: about 3 cups (4 servings)


This Creamy Dreamy Vegan “Yogurt” is the BEST! Made in five minutes with three ingredients and naturally sweetened.


The Main Things

  • 2 cups frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 12 ounces tofu (see notes)

The Extras

  • 1/4 cup liquid sweetener – agave, maple syrup, or honey  (more or less to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice (more or less to taste)
  • 1 probiotic capsule (optional! see notes)


  1. Blend everything together on a high speed setting until very, very, verrry smooth.
  2. Store in jars, in the fridge, for up to 5 days!


Tofu: I made batches with both silken and firm tofu and I liked them both! Not surprisingly, the firm tofu yielded a more firm yogurt (like the first photo) and the silken tofu was smoother / not as firm (like the last few photos).

Blending: If you’re having trouble blending it up, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of non dairy milk. For easiest blending, thaw your peaches first!

Probiotics: For a probiotic boost, you can empty a probiotic capsule right into the blender and mix it up. I actually preferred the batches I made without the probiotics. I felt like the texture got a little chalky with the probiotic capsule. Maybe it was my specific brand of capsules, I’m not sure. But the cookbook that initially inspired this recipe (The Perfect Blend) includes a probiotic capsule in the yogurt, and some of you may like to get those extra probiotics in! 

  • Category: Snack
  • Method: Blend
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